fine art oil portrait painting
fine art oil portrait painting
fine art oil portrait painting
fine art oil portrait painting
fine art oil portrait painting
fine art oil portrait painting
fine art oil portrait painting
fine art oil portrait painting
fine art oil portrait painting
fine art oil portrait painting
fine art oil portrait painting
fine art oil portrait painting
fine art oil portrait painting
Commissioned Fine Art Oil Portrait Paintings
by Portrait Artist Marton Doka, in a Classical Realist Style
Painting Copy, Painting Restoration
    Comissioning a portrait painting is a significant undertaking but generations will find pleasure in its result. In front of the traditional or digital family photos an artistic portrait is everlasting and will increase in value.

    I strive to reach the highest artistic standards in my comissioned portraits regardless of the chosen technique or the degree of complexity of them. My goal is to create portraits that will not only meet but if possible surpass the patrons' expectations.

    I personally prefer the classical realist style and concerning portraiture I beleive it is the most fortunate choice. Besides by request I can paint in any other styles including historical or famous artists' styles. Please look at my "Painting Copies" page.


   In our case the collaboration - that is needed between the patron and artist for a portrait painting - is direkt, without intermediaries. If the personal contact is not possible, I can receive the commission with photos on email and on telephone as well as answer your questions and discuss the specifics of your portrait. Ideally we can meet personally and I take photos on more settings that provides the possibility to use different clothing, poses, props, special backgrounds, etc. and finally select the best version. (The accessories, or the specific location will have to provided by the patron as well as travel expenses.) An oil portrait usually takes 1-4 weeks while drawings are possible in a few days.
    The completed comissioned portrait I can handover in my studio or send by post delivery (extra cost). When the portrait meets your approval the payment is possible in person, by bank transfer or postal mail.

    There are some important questions to answer when commissioning a portrait. The folowing paragraphs are to help specify your conception. Pleas contact me directly to clarify details about the portrait you envision.

Types of portraiture, sizes

    There is a broad scale of different solutions how to depict a person, here I collected some examples according to subject, scenery, function, etc.: children's, adult's, family, wedding, posthumous portraits, with other people, pets, equestrian, according to size and crop: miniature, cameo, bust, half-, three-quarter-, full length in costume, half or full nude, against landscape, interior, etc.

    The standard portrait size is close to life-sized, a slightly smaller. As large sizes are costlier so of course it is possible to order pictures in every practicable sizes.

Techniques, materials

   As far as commissioned portrait's technique is concerned it can be oil painting, watercolour, pastel, pencil, charcoal, chalk, or other techniques.
Oil paintings are made on canvas stretched wooden frame or mounted fibreboard. Also you can chose wood panel under 50 x 70 cm size , while under 20 x 25 cm (miniature) copper plate can be the painting media as well.
Works on paper are passepartouted and glassed (except the posted ones).
  Frames and framing costs are additionals.


    The chart below contains the basic prices of pictures with single figure against a simple tonal background. The real price as a result of an agreement based on the folowing criteria: more, additional details like the number of people or pets in the painting, the intricacy of clothing, jewelry and props, and the complexity of the background setting. (For example each additional person or pet costs 100-200 Euro in terms of measurements.)
    After agreement 50 % non refundable deposit is required. When the completed portrait meets with your approval (I send photos via e-mail), the payment is possible with PayPal (, in person, by bank transfer or postal mail.
    Other prearranged expenses like travel expenses, framing costs and shipping fees are additional.

Painting restoration, painting copies

   As a skilled pictorial art conservator I undertake painting restoration and painting copying as well.
To set the correct cost of a restoration it is necessary to consultate personally and make a survey of the real condition of the painting. Restored paintings can be seen on page "Painting Copies".

            OIL PAINTING

        SIZE           PRICE

  25 x 30 cm    166 Euro
  30 x 40 cm    249 Euro
  40 x 50 cm    332 Euro
  50 x 60 cm    415 Euro
  50 x 70 cm    470 Euro
  60 x 80 cm    553 Euro
70 x 100 cm    663 Euro
80 x 100 cm    718 Euro
90 x 120 cm    829 Euro
100 x150 cm   967 Euro

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